What are the ideal relaxing songs to prepare for a competition?

The routine you experience every day gives you too much stress. Are there any solutions to solve this problem? Some people, for example, go outside to get some fresh air and completely clear their minds. This helps them to relieve the pain they feel. Others swallow medication or drink alcohol or even take drugs. But this second option can lead to more seizures or illnesses. Another remedy that can be adopted is listening to beautiful, relaxing music. Several musicians are currently releasing new albums that are very useful. Some of them are former singers. And others are new ones.

The benefits of listening to music

Scientists performed an experiment on a few women. This consists of playing music from different series. This method has been connected to a sensor and each participant should solve a puzzle problem in a limited time. The heart rate, brain activity, breathing and blood pressure of each consultant were monitored for each new song. The experts found some very interesting results.  Listening to a song to relax before a competition is important because it reduces the stress that the individual feels. Your body will get at least 10% relaxation and stress will decrease by more than 60%.

Top 10 of the best relaxing musics

To reduce stress, listening to a song to relax before a competition is highly recommended. This way has already been approved by several scientists. Singers write lyrics that soften the stress someone is experiencing. Here is a list that specialized doctors accept as the top 10 relaxing songs. The first one is Weightless which is called marconi union. The second is Electra's airstream. The third is mellomaniac by DJ Shah. The fourth is watermark by Enya. The fifth is Coldplay's strawberry swing. The sixth is please don't go from Barcelona. The seventh is pure shores from All Saints. The eighth is someone like you by Adele. The ninth is Mozart's canzonetta sull'aria. And the last one is we can fly by Cafe del Mar.

The minimal duration of the listening

Scientists have approved melodies. But that doesn't mean you should listen to all of them. There's a limit to how far you can go, like the use of drugs. For example, you can accompany this song to relax before a competition with some vegetables and fruits. This will increase the effectiveness of the remedy. You will rest on the bed; eat 5 fruits and 5 vegetables during the 3 meals. This step will be followed by listening to the song for at least 11 minutes. After these few minutes already, you will feel a peace and quiet. It is not necessary to turn the volume of the radio up, you could use your headphones. The maximum time is 78 minutes.
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