What is the Grand Prix of America?

Every great trotting coach dreams of winning the Grand Prix of America. The same goes for jockeys, since this event brings together the most beautiful display of the best French and world trotting horses. The race, which lasts about two…

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What are the major events in the equestrian world?

Equestrian competitions have existed since antiquity. This discipline is practiced in different forms. A large number of major events in the world represent this activity. These attract large numbers of spectators. Horse riding at the Olympic Games In the field…

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Grand Prix de Diane: How to dress up for the equestrian event of the year?

You have just arrived by train, at the Chantilly station, a strange atmosphere is felt. A certain number of Diane’s prize spectators are on the platform. The crowd is remarkable for the shimmering colour scheme, when a regular user looks…

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Saut Hermès: focus on a chic event that is highly prized by horse lovers

Every year, horse lovers meet at the Saut Hermès. Riding in all its forms is the basis of this unmissable event. For three days, equestrian competitions based on show jumping create a sensation with skilful riders from the four corners…

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