Every year, horse lovers meet at the Saut Hermès. Riding in all its forms is the basis of this unmissable event. For three days, equestrian competitions based on show jumping create a sensation with skilful riders from the four corners of the world. Zoom on this sensational event around horses.

The programme of the Saut Hermès

For three days, the riders will compete with different events. At the beginning of the first day there is usually the opening ceremony of the Hermes Jump. Then, the different prizes follow one another. For example, the prize of the Grand Palais, which is a jumping competition with or without a stopwatch performed by an individual rider. At the end, the winner wins the donations collected. During the Hermes jumping, new talented riders are also sought after through events reserved exclusively for young people. In addition to this, qualifying events take place. There are also speed events without obstacles. The degree of difficulty is gradually increased in this kind of competition. In the search for new talent, points can be accumulated to rank the winning duo team of riders in the final. The ultimate Hermes jumping event is undoubtedly the Hermes Grand Prix. A qyi competition is very complicated and requires high performance techniques from the riders.

The originality of the Hermes Jump

Not only is the Saut Hermès a great meeting place for all the famous riders from all over the world, but you can also admire horses of all breeds from different stables. You can marvel at the opening of the podium at night while watching the competitions. Furthermore, you have the possibility to attend equestrian ballets. The flagship competition of this event is certainly the Grand Prix Hermès. It is the pride of any self-respecting rider. Moreover, the reward at the end of this competition is colossal. In addition, at the end of all the competitions, the closing ceremony takes place in a convivial atmosphere, accompanied by the presentation of prizes to the winners, under the aegis of the House of Hermès.

The organisation of the Saut Hermès

The Saut Hermès can be accessible to the general public according to the programmes indicated. You can get to the competition according to the schedule established according to the means of transport of your convenience. Car parks are reserved for you. You are not allowed to bring animals to this equestrian competition. It is strictly forbidden to arrive at the venue with objects not agreed upon. Furthermore, you must remain vigilant during the competition with regard to the equidae. To attend this major event, you must have a ticket purchased in advance at the various points of sale indicated.