Preparing well for a riding competition is not done the day before, it takes a long preparation. To get in condition before the D-day, it is necessary to follow some advices for you and your horse. A good preparation is always rewarded during a competition. The person who is going to ride a horse must put all the strategies at his disposal before the arrival of the D-day by preparing the material as well as the mind. For this, it is recommended to prepare the necessary material for you and your horse. Afterwards, keeping the horse focused is essential. And then, it is also necessary to take an advance when you leave for the competition especially with a good peace of mind.

Preparation of the equipment

In order not to stress on the day, you will have to prepare the material the day before. This will allow you to prepare everything more calmly without forgetting anything. It's very stressful to forget something during the competition. So, to avoid this problem, you have to do the preparation step by step, starting with the equipment for the horse. Afterwards, you have to put away your equipment to ride. Then, check the grooming gear so you don't forget anything. In addition, you know your horse well, so you need to be aware of its needs. Don't forget to bring hay bags. Most importantly, you should also prepare your competition gear such as clothing. Transportation should be prepared in advance as well. Indeed, all these preparations allow you to be well prepared for the next day.

Keeping your horse focused

To keep the horse fresh and in good condition for competition, all you have to do is take his mind off it. To do this, you have to take him for a ride and take him for a walk so that he can take a little freedom. It is possible to make him do a lot of fun which allows him to see a change and be happy for riding. It is important to keep him focused for the big day by teaching him only his movements for competition. It is also possible to do some exercises to work on lateral moves for the day. This is a good strategy to prepare for a competition.

Go to the competition with peace of mind.

Once you've prepared all the necessary material for the competition and reviewed the important moves for the race, all that's left to do is to leave with peace of mind. Avoid stress and recheck the equipment. It is necessary to have a champion's mentality, i.e. a good mental preparation to have a good performance. It is essential to relax and loosen up your horse while remaining focused and not forgetting important lessons. This is one of the important things to prepare for a competition.