Focus on racehorses

The world of racehorses is a world of its own, where winged horses cross the victory post. It is on the one hand the racecourses where the best horses compete against each other, and on the other hand a place…

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Horseback riding to help people with Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a disease of senile people. It is a destruction of neuronal cells that are responsible for memory loss, anxiety and depression. Since 2019, the French Riding Federation and the association France Alzheimer have signed a collaboration to…

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What are the benefits of horse riding on the human body?

If horse riding is a real sport for some people, it can be a simple hobby for others. Whether you are an experienced sportsman or just an occasional rider, you can enjoy the benefits of this sport, especially since horse…

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How to build a good relationship with your horse?

Man’s relationship with an animal is an eternal relationship. Pets attach themselves easily and unconditionally to human beings. The same is true for horses. Horses love it when a person talks to them. Expressing and talking with horses increases the…

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