What are the recommended feeds to keep fit on the day of a competition?

Riding is the art of riding a horse. A complicity reigns between the horse and its rider. Riding therefore requires the association of a rider and a horse. The rider must learn how to ride a horse well and, above all, how to train his competition horse. But on top of all that, you must eat well to be in shape on the day of the competition. What are the meals before a riding competition?

Food the day before a competition

The meal is usually the last energetic intake a person receives before a competition. The meal before a riding competition should be dominated by a complex carbohydrate intake such as rice and potatoes. It must be easy to digest, so as not to affect the quality of your sleep, which is really essential to excel at the next day's event. A protein ration is strongly recommended. You should give preference to lean animal proteins such as fish fillets, defatted derinned ham and poultry and avoid sauces, fatty dishes such as cold cuts and fatty meats. Good hydration is also necessary. The consumption of mineral water is recommended. Coffee or tea in this situation can be taken moderately. Yoghurt, pasta, fruit compotes, poultry breast and grated soups or raw vegetables are part of the meals before a horse riding competition. You should avoid fatty foods such as fatty meats, industrial ready meals and foods that are too sweet. But what about horses?

Feeding a competition horse

The horse is a monogastric which, in its natural state, eats grass and woody plants. Thousands of factors determine the diet of a competition horse. The feedstuffs to be consumed are chosen according to certain criteria such as fat content, essential fibre for good digestion and the percentage of cellulose. Fibre-rich feedstuffs generally make up 15 to 20% of a competition horse's daily ration, not forgetting trace elements. Meals before a horse's riding competition are therefore very important. You must give them feed that is rich in fibre, minerals and above all easy to digest. Whether it is for the rider or the horse, meals before a riding competition are really essential. But did you know that there are advantages to riding horses?

The benefits of horseback riding

The sport of horseback riding has three advantages, because it is a : Physical sport. Riding allows you to work your legs, calf muscles and buttocks. Outdoor sport, which is excellent for mental health. It allows you to decompress. Ecological sport. Riding is therefore a complicity between horse and rider. Meals before a riding competition are essential, they must be balanced, energetic, high in protein, easy to digest and full of minerals.
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