Equestrian competitions have existed since antiquity. This discipline is practiced in different forms. A large number of major events in the world represent this activity. These attract large numbers of spectators.

Horse riding at the Olympic Games

In the field of sport, horse riding is considered a discipline in its own right. It is represented, in particular, at the prestigious Olympic Games, which are considered a major equestrian event. Participating in this competition is the dream of many sportsmen and women. 3 types of disciplines are then possible for riders during the Olympic Games. First of all, there is the dressage competition which can be proposed to them. It consists in judging the quality of the horse through an education perfectly well undertaken by the master. Afterwards, the show jumping competition as well as the eventing competition can also be presented. As far as the first discipline is concerned, the rider and his horse must complete 3 different tests including show jumping. Participants are graded according to the total score obtained after each test.

Competitions at the World Equestrian Games

In the field of horse riding, the World Equestrian Games are as important as the Olympic Games. This equestrian event takes place every 4 years, alternating with them. It includes 8 disciplines including dressage, voltige, driving, show jumping, CSO, CCE, reining and para equestrian dressage. As far as driving is concerned, there are various categories depending on the number of horses used. The endurance takes place over a distance of between 20 and 160 kilometres. The tests are set on a marked course. All along this course, veterinarians are present to check the condition of the teams in order to limit the risk of accidents. Frequent checks are carried out on the vital signs of the horses. Reining is similar to American competitions. Directed by its rider, the horse must perform all sorts of tricks. To succeed in this competition, the complicity between the rider and the horse is essential.

Equestrian competitions carried out as a team

In the world of horse riding, international competitions also exist in teams. Vaulting, for example, is one of the events represented during world equestrian games. During this equestrian event, a whole chain of figures is performed to music by the horse. The competition can take place in teams. Participants are rated on ease of execution and finesse. The horse's gait is also judged during this type of competition. Polo and horse-ball are also among the most popular competitions in the world. During a polo competition, the aim of the game is to succeed in sending the ball towards the opponent's goal. A team consists of a maximum of 3 or 4 riders.