What is the Grand Prix of America?

Every great trotting coach dreams of winning the Grand Prix of America. The same goes for jockeys, since this event brings together the most beautiful display of the best French and world trotting horses. The race, which lasts about two and a half minutes, is a pure moment of happiness for racehorse enthusiasts.

The Prix d'Amérique, a meeting of cracks

Every year, on the last Sunday of January, on the occasion of the Grand Prix d'Amérique, the racing world dresses up in its finest finery. In fact, surrounded by five other races, this equestrian prize dedicated to the best trotting horses from all over the world offers the most beautiful display of harnessed trotting in Europe. To win "America" is not easy and the journey is long and tiring since the horses come from all over the world, especially from the United States. The first difficulty is that the competitors in the American Grand Prix have to fly left hand over the eye of the photocell, which will already spot the most hurried in the pack. The drivers only have a few seconds to get into position and cross this imaginary line before being dropped on the racetrack.

Second difficulty, the track

The profile of the track where the American Grand Prix is held is a unique test in the world for horses and their driver. It measures about 2000 meters, first a long downhill before facing an uphill that cuts the legs of the most daring and at this strategic point of the race, the trotters will still have to cover 1200 meters to the finish and this is where the difference between the competitors will be played out. Even for highly trained horses, the race becomes very difficult because you have to hold on until the end and stand out from the crowd. Among the great horses that have marked the history of the American Grand Prix, we should mention the crack of the cracks, the famous Ourasi, Ready Cash, Bold Eagle, Varenne, Ténor de Baune... The talents of the French trotters are renowned and trigger the admiration and esteem of racing enthusiasts.

Horses with a unique talent and that last

The trotters that participate in the Grand Prix of America are horses with incredible abilities and many of them have been able to last and win several prizes in America. This is the case for Sea Bird II, Roquépine who competed in three Prix d'Amérique and lost one, Masina, Upsalin, Hadol du Vivier... The driver Jean-René Gougeon is also one of these artists of the Grand Prix d'Amérique, as he won it eight times, a record from 1966 to 1988, from Roquépine to Ourasi. The Prix d'Amérique is a ruthless race and many famous horses have only come close to success: One de Mai, Ultra Ducal or Vouracie or the sister of the famous Ourasi. They missed very little, just maybe a little more luck...
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