What are the ideal relaxing songs to prepare for a competition?

The routine you experience every day gives you too much stress. Are there any solutions to solve this problem? Some people, for example, go outside to get some fresh air and completely clear their minds. This helps them to relieve…

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What are the recommended feeds to keep fit on the day of a competition?

Riding is the art of riding a horse. A complicity reigns between the horse and its rider. Riding therefore requires the association of a rider and a horse. The rider must learn how to ride a horse well and, above…

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How to be ready the day before a riding competition?

Preparing well for a riding competition is not done the day before, it takes a long preparation. To get in condition before the D-day, it is necessary to follow some advices for you and your horse. A good preparation is…

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What is the best training before a competition ?

Before a sports competition, you have to train well in order to put all the chances on your side. To be effective, exercises must be well organized. Sessions must be regular and thoughtful. Participants must also prepare themselves mentally. In…

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