You have just arrived by train, at the Chantilly station, a strange atmosphere is felt. A certain number of Diane's prize spectators are on the platform. The crowd is remarkable for the shimmering colour scheme, when a regular user looks at them attentively. Groups gather, the chatterer is there and then disembark in the diane villages.

What is the price of diane?

The Grand Prix de Diane is a horse race held in June. The distance to be covered is 2100 meters, the 3 year old twins challenge each other in the racecourse. A sporty atmosphere and a refined picnic is set up in Chantilly. But also, it is also elegance and distinction especially with the parade of hats. Created in 1843 this Grand Prix gathers more than 30000 people every year, it follows the jockey club prize which was held on this same racecourse, designed by the British French Oaks. The Grand Prix de Diane is the French equivalent of English Epson Oaks and Irish Oaks. The Prix de Diane is above all French elegance and France. It mixes elegant and less elegant people.

How to dress the man for this event?

Don't think of coming to this race in basketball jeans as if you were buying a PMU ticket on the corner. The men will have to dress up in their best suit and tie. As for the colour of the clothing, brown is not too chic, you should also avoid black, as this colour is reserved for waiters. The ideal color is blue, especially navy blue or midnight blue, this color goes very well with the green lawn of the racetrack. For the tie, you should choose the dark color rather than ties with a fancy equestrian pattern. Finally, for the shoe, don't be too formal, any shoe is good for walking on the grass. In short, men's clothing should be elegant.

How do women dress for the event?

A 24 year old girl came to the Grand Prix de Diane in a black dress, she confides that it is the first time she is taking part in this event. She sought advice on the Internet. The women's dress code can be summarized as follows:  A beautifully coloured dress, an original hat, and high heels. It is also necessary to imitate certain gestures: stand up straight, head high, and a disdainful look. Indeed one finds there individuals elegantly dressed with very original outfits such as: the Boa outfit, the orange outfit, the flowery outfit. It is above all elegance and allure that prevails at the Prix de Diane.