What are the benefits of horse riding on the human body?

If horse riding is a real sport for some people, it can be a simple hobby for others. Whether you are an experienced sportsman or just an occasional rider, you can enjoy the benefits of this sport, especially since horse riding is one of the best sports disciplines available.

What are the particularities of horse riding?

Horse riding is a sport that is practiced with a horse, a fascinating animal that seduces many people. In France, there are more than 8,000 riding centres and more than 2.3 million riders, both professionals and amateurs. In addition, it is beginning to interest more and more women. This sport is particularly recognized for the fact that it is based on sensitivity, rather than brute force. So what are the benefits it brings to men?

Horse riding improves the physical balance of an individual.

Anyone can go horseback riding, except for people with back pain. The benefits of this practice can be felt in many areas. It is thus particularly beneficial on the mental level, enhances the cerebral, emotional and relational capacity. This is particularly important, given that the horse is an endearing animal, but at the same time unpredictable, requiring a great deal of calm for the duration of the session. To achieve this, it is imperative for the rider to gain the trust and respect of his horse. Indeed, the horse can immediately sense the rider's lack of confidence, making him or her nervous in turn. It is therefore essential to always be confident, to improve self-confidence. This sport also requires other qualities such as concentration, patience and self-control. This mutual trust promotes a unique complicity between man and animal.

Who can benefit from these advantages?

The practice of horse riding is highly recommended, even for the youngest. There are clubs especially dedicated to children, with ponies as mounts. This sport is particularly appreciated for its educational aspect, and which participates in the personal development of young children. On the other hand, the benefits of horse riding can also reach people with physical, sensory or even social disabilities. Indeed, several scientific studies have shown that horse riding has many therapeutic virtues. Getting a taste for this sport helps to overcome and conquer stress, fear and anxiety. Nature lovers can also take advantage of the benefits of such an activity, through walks and hikes while being comfortably seated on the animal's back. At the same time, horse riding regulates the nervous system and improves blood circulation, thus ensuring better health for its followers.
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