Horse Riding Adventures: Competition and Leisure

Enjoying leisure time on horseback

The first good reason to practice horseback riding is that it is a sport. And we all know that sport is good for your health. It is proven that riding makes the support muscles, especially those of the back, work. And a big advantage too, is that there is no age limit for equestrian activities.

Also, horse sports are subdivided into many disciplines. This way, enthusiasts will be able to choose the activities that best suit them. Studies have also shown that horseback riding increases self-confidence. Many parents choose to introduce their children to horseback riding because it makes them more responsible. Horse care, training, cleanliness as well as taking care of the horse’s equipment will help develop a sense of responsibility, more on



This is the stage that allows the horse to improve its balance, regularity and tension in its back.


To improve your horse’s endurance, you should practice trotting and riding regularly.

The hitch

The choice of carriage depends on the intended use of the horses.

If you want to take part in equestrian competitions, you must comply with all the rules concerning the physical conditions of horses and riders. Among these conditions, those concerning the equipment of the horse and rider are probably the strictest. It is therefore important to learn them.






Getting well equipped for an equestrian competition 2


In order to find out which horse is right for you, you must first of all look at your level, your budget, your preferred discipline and your expectations. It is only by having the answer to all these questions that you will be able to determine which horse is right for you.


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